Try the World Subscription Box – September 2016

Hey guys! So I’ve been subscribed to Try the World for a while now, and I’ve loved every box I’ve received thus far. Recently, my friend and I decided to gift each other the annual subscription, which is only $29 a month! This is the first box from that gift subscription, which was quite wonderful. […]

Poetry Blog

Hey guys! One more thing…if you aren’t already, please go follow my other blog, Mariam Budagyan’s Poetry. It isn’t strictly poetry, but mostly. Check out my latest poem, Filth of the World. With Tea and Sunshine, Mariam B. Twitter: @MariamBudagyan Tumblr: Through My Eyes YouTube: Mariam Budagyan

Snakku September 2016 Tasting Box Review!

Hey guys! Have you seen my latest subscription box review? If not, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. Check it out here! As always, like, subscribe, comment and spread the word! Thank you! With Tea and Sunshine, Mariam B. Twitter: @MariamBudagyan Tumblr: Through My Eyes YouTube: Mariam Budagyan

Snakku Tasting Box Review – September 2016

Hey guys! So, I received my first ever Snakku Tasting Box yesterday, and I cannot express my excitement! It came with 6 snacks total, which is only 3 snacks less than the full-sized box. I won’t waste time with jibber-jabber. Check out the photos and information below! First off, this is what the box looks […]

So Many Bands, So Little Time (Parts 1 and 2)

Hey guys! Have you checked out my latest two blog posts? If not, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Check them both out at the links below: Part 1 Part 2 Like, comment, follow, share…please and thank you! Until next time… With Tea and Sunshine, Mariam B. Twitter: @MariamBudagyan Tumblr: Through My Eyes YouTube: Mariam […]

So Many Bands, So Little Time (Part 2)

Hey guys! So, here’s part two of my live band review, which includes a reveal. (Read Part 1.) The boyband that I took my eleven-year-old niece to see over Labor Day weekend was none other than…5 Seconds of Summer! (Queue blood curdling screams!) First off, the venue! We had the pleasure of checking out the […]

Hey guys!

My new blog post of concert reviews is happening later today and I’m so excited to share it with you! In the meantime, did you see my two months’ boxes of #GeekChicMonthly reviews? Check it out, spread the word, hit the like button, comment, follow me… With Tea & Sunshine, Mariam B. Twitter: @MariamBudagyan […]

The Happy List for Doggy Parents

Hey guys! BarkPost has provided us doggy parents with a list of awesome stores that allow us to take our babies shopping with us! How amazing is that? I’ll definitely be keeping this list with me on my phone for when I need it! Check it out here. Until next time, thanks for reading! Please […]

Loot Wear 360 Challenge

Hey guys! Okay, so you absolutely have to check this out! Loot Wear, which is one of the various crates in Loot Crate, has a 360 Challenge that is just beautiful and such fun. Talk about an interactive video! (The video should be viewed in the YouTube app or on their mobile site. Either way, […]

Coming Soon

Hey, all! In my next official post, coming to you on Sunday, September 11th, I will be reviewing two separate concerts. One was a mini show of a local cover band, and one is a well-known band I took my niece to see over the long weekend. There will be some videos and photos, so […]