Try the World Subscription Box – September 2016

Hey guys! So I’ve been subscribed to Try the World for a while now, and I’ve loved every box I’ve received thus far. Recently, my friend and I decided to gift each other the annual subscription, which is only $29 a month! This is the first box from that gift subscription, which was quite wonderful. […]

Geek Chic Monthly Review

Hey all! So, I’ve gone back to wanting to do reviews, and I’ll actually be sticking with it this time around, and I’ll have some exciting news coming your way very shortly! So, I’m pretty much addicted to Geek Chic Monthly. I’ve been subscribed for two months now, and I’ve loved everything I’ve received, even […]

About My Blog

This blog is not only a hobby to keep me busy, but will also feature other hobbies. Join me in trying out new things (such as hairstyles and indoor planting). Together, we can fail and succeed, laugh and cry, and, most importantly, really enjoy every single day! I will also be reviewing all sorts of […]