Try the World Subscription Box – September 2016

Hey guys!

So I’ve been subscribed to Try the World for a while now, and I’ve loved every box I’ve received thus far. Recently, my friend and I decided to gift each other the annual subscription, which is only $29 a month! This is the first box from that gift subscription, which was quite wonderful. Also, they usually offer a free box and, oftentimes, a certain price off of a box. Use my referral if you decide to subscribe! If you don’t want to sign up for an entire year, the monthly price for the Signature box is $39, or $33 for 6 months. The full sized boxes include Shipping is completely free and you can pause or cancel at anytime! Plus, they have a snackbox, which is only $15 a month and includes 5 snacks from 5 countries each month, if you subscribe for the year. Or you can choose the snackbox that includes 10 snacks for $29 a month. I’m considering subscribing for that as well, at least for a few months.

Okay, now let’s get straight to it…

First off, I love the color of the box. I think it, along with the adorable logo, are very tasteful choices.


This month’s box is Spain-based and packed tight to assure that the jars don’t break during travel. It’s a little messy, but easy enough to clean up and get to the goodies!img_6499

This month’s box is as good as it looks! We’ll take a look at each individual item soon, but the card inside is probably the most important part of the box.


How adorable is this?!


The card not only tells you exactly what is in the box, but it gives you recipes and also a 20% off coupon on items in the Try the World shop that have to do with that month’s specific country.

Now, onto the goodies!

I haven’t yet tried these items, but I’m excited about them! First off, who doesn’t love Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Secondly, who doesn’t love paprika? I can’t wait to try them both! Lastly, the only reason I haven’t yet tried the mussels in pickled sauce because it’s not exactly a snack, and I’ve had some very specific meals at home that don’t work well with mussels. I am positive I will love them, though, and I’m excited to try them!

Okay, so this item was just a big tease for me! I love marinara-type sauces, but have a slight garlic allergy, so I cannot eat it. Sadly! However, my dad will sure enjoy it with some yummy bread tomorrow, and that’s just as good!

Okay, so I’ve recently been talking to a friend of mine about how much I want orange jam, but I haven’t gotten around to purchasing any. Now, I don’t have to go looking as it came to me instead! This Orange Blossom Jam has pieces of orange peel in the jam, and it looks fabulous! This is what I’ll be having for breakfast in the morning with my tea, and I’ve never looked forward to mornings before in my life!

I had never heard of turron before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I didn’t expect to find one of my new favorite sweet snacks. I’ll definitely be using that 20% code to purchase some more of this deliciousness since it’s already almost completely gone. It’s crunchy, sweet and has the perfect amount of orange flavor. I’ve loved every bite!

Since there were so many items in this box I have not yet tried, I’ll be sure to give you guys a quick update in the next couple of days once I’ve tried, at the very least, the jam and the mussels. I’m incredibly excited for it and am already looking forward to my October box!

As always, please be sure to like, subscribe, share and comment! I would love to hear from each of you.

Until next time, guys…

With Tea & Sunshine,

Mariam B.

Twitter: @MariamBudagyan

Tumblr: Through My Eyes

YouTube: Mariam Budagyan


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