Geek Chic Monthly Review

Hey all! So, I’ve gone back to wanting to do reviews, and I’ll actually be sticking with it this time around, and I’ll have some exciting news coming your way very shortly!

So, I’m pretty much addicted to Geek Chic Monthly. I’ve been subscribed for two months now, and I’ve loved everything I’ve received, even for the fandoms that I am not part of. The best part? It’s only $15 a month, which is incredibly affordable and worth it for all of the wonderful items you’ll receive!

I’m finally making some time to do a couple of reviews, so I’m going to have one post for two. Sadly, I accidentally threw out the boxes everything came in, but check out how cute they are here and here! By the way, those pictures are from, so full credit to them!

The July 2016 box is what made me need to subscribe to Geek Chic Monthly since it was Sherlock and Dr. Who themed. Now, I’m not even a Dr. Who fan (I tried watching once and then stopped a couple of episodes in, but not because of lack of enjoyment, more because of time), but I adore the jewelry from this box! Check out the pictures below:

Sherlock/Dr.Who Theme:


The Sherlock themed jewelry came in this neat tin that can be used for various things including, what they suggested, loose-leaf tea. So far, I’ve just been using it as a decorative piece in my room, but I will probably store jewelry in it at some point.


The necklace is two-sided; one side has shadow artwork of Benedict Cumberbatch’s version of Sherlock, and the other side has the original version. I thought that was a really cute touch! The necklace also comes with a small charm of a violin.

The ring says “I AM SHERLOCKED” and references an episode of the BBC show that I will not spoiler for anyone. All I’ll say is that if you haven’t watched all of the available episodes multiple times, then you should definitely get on it!


How adorable is this Dr. Who themed charm bracelet? As I said, I don’t even watch the show and yet I love it lots! It’s making me want to watch the show so I can earn wearing the jewelry!

Also, look at those matching earrings! Too darn cute!

I gave the decal/sticker that came with this box to my nephew before I could take a photo, so I’m including a picture of it from Full credit to them! It’s adorable and I didn’t even know that the little ghost was a character from Dr. Who until I watched Geeky Chic’s unboxing video for the same box. (Go check out her YouTube channel and subscribe if you’re as into it as I am!) They are called Adipose, which, according to the Tardis Wiki page, “in reality, [are] fat tissue of the human body, which is what the Adipose are named after. The real adipose is mentioned in the scientific explanation Miss Foster presents.” Okay, highly intrigued, Dr. Who. Highly intrigued!

Moving right along, let’s talk about the pirate-themed Geek Chic Monthly box:


These earrings are Peter Pan inspired and so very cute! Unfortunately, I wore one of them on my cartilage piercing and had a bad reaction to it, but I’m sure they’ll be fine in my normal piercings. Totally worth the try based on how cute these are! These types of earrings are basically the only earrings I wear! Plus, who doesn’t love Peter Pan, right?!


Again, I refer you to Geeky Chic’s review of this box, which is where I found out where some of these items come from. She did the leg work for me so I didn’t have to go research myself. (Thanks, if you ever read this!) This charm bracelet is super cute and I’ll definitely be wearing, even if I’m not a huge Princess Bride fan. IMG_6086

So according to Geeky Chic’s research, this Skrillex song is from Peter Pan. Very cool, but I don’t actually recall that since it’s been a while since I’ve watched it. Either way, check out “Bangarang.” This sticker/decal will be going on my guitar for sure, so I’m excited about it!IMG_6091

So, this is my second favorite item from this box. I mean, how cute is it? The little goblet, the tiny beads…I love every little detail about it, including the font! I’ve already worn this little treasure and will be wearing it once again soon. I just hope to change the chain since it was a little on the short side for my liking. IMG_6094

Okay, this is my very favorite thing! It is a Princess Bride themed bookmark. Everything about it is incredibly charming and I’ve already been using it. Check out how it looks on both sides when used in a book. (Shout out to J.K. Rowling!)IMG_6095IMG_6096

So, those are the two boxes I have received from Geek Chic Monthly so far, and I’m impatiently awaiting the September box! Once received, I’ll do a separate review of it with photos, and I’ll be sure to keep the boxes and take pictures of all items before giving them away. I hope you enjoyed this post. Comments are greatly appreciated!

With Tea & Sunshine,

Mariam B.

Twitter: @MariamBudagyan

Tumblr: Through My Eyes



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